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Building Survey Reports, (previously called a Structural Survey Report) are the most comprehensive and in-depth report on the condition of a property.

Our Building Survey Reports are unlike many other survey reports in the market, in that they contain photographs of defects and other issues pertaining to the property in addition to giving you a rebuild cost for insurance purposes. Furthermore photos in the report enable you to identify the defects visually whilst reading the report and with a list of repair costs at the end enabling you to make a fully informed decision prior to your proposed purchase.

Our Building Survey Reports also include advice on

  • Structural movement, historic or on-going
  • Dampness
  • Timber decay or insect infestation
  • Previous structural alterations

Surveys on blocks of flats include an inspection of the main exterior of the building and the common areas. Residential apartment blocks commonly have a covenant stating a shared responsibility for the maintenance and upkeep of the communal areas both internally and externally. As a tenant you will have a financial obligation towards the upkeep and maintenance of all the common areas so, it is always good to know the condition of the rest of the property prior to purchase. Our surveyor will call you straight after the inspection to provide immediate feedback and discuss the results of the survey and the main issues identified.

Building report surveys are on average 35-40 pages in length but can comprise of much more depending on our findings

Report format:

We produce the report in a Pdf format, which saves on trees and postage time. A Building Survey Report on a property in London usually takes between 3-5 working days from the date of inspection to be published and emailed out. A report on properties in the Home Counties, usually takes 4-6 working days from the date of inspection. Once you have received and read the report, please feel free to call our surveyor to ask for further explanations on any of the issues raised in it.

Homebuyer’s Report Survey

Homebuyer’s Reports identify major issues in the property and although the on-site inspection process is similar to a Building Survey Report, the report itself is in a pro-former format and does not go into great detail why you have faults and there is not a list of costs or photographs included in the report. These surveys do however include an open market valuation and can be a better alternative for a number of reasons:

  • If your proposed purchase is a recently built property within the past 10 years or less.
  • A Homebuyer’s survey is cheaper and provides a more succinct overview of the condition of the property..
  • The property forms part of apartment building.

However if you have a specific concern about the property in question such as cracking or damp to the exterior elevations, we would recommend a Building Survey Report.

Both reports provide an additional service, where we encourage the purchaser to meet the Surveyor on site following the survey for a quick walk around to discuss their findings should they wish too.

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